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Discount UGG Ming and qing dynasties export porcel

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Ming and qing dynasties export porcelain price competes against European noble gold royal collection
Kangxi emperor blue-and-white European add color had bottles
Western history of Chinese porcelain very highly and Chinese porcelain once price worth gold, by European royal noble depending on GongBi, global-positioning if collection. But, if further questions, the world famous Chinese porcelain, actually is guanyao porcelain or export porcelain, I'm afraid not many people know.
These porcelain won't massive exports
Chinese ancient ceramics experts, said that HuYanXi western history of Chinese porcelain lofty evaluation is only directed at official kiln, was "a historical misunderstanding, but also in the field of Chinese ancient ceramics collection a serious misunderstandings."
In fact,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], before 1860, European royal and upper-class collection of Chinese porcelain is qing dynasty (including export porcelain of Ming dynasty), those who have they been modelled of Chinese porcelain of Ming and qing dynasties also export porcelain.
HuYanXi,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], said China's royal porcelain past simply won't massive exports, except in very small amounts to foreign envoys from royal or the gift porcelain, Even in China, ordinary subjects also see guanyao porcelain.
As we have learned,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Chinese government kiln really spread to the west, and Japanese real insight into the Chinese government kiln, all in 1860 the anglo-french allied encroach on Beijing, burned yuanmingyuan later, China's royal porcelain loss to the west is more later. In 1900, g8 coalition invaded Beijing, robbing a large amount of Chinese royal relics. Roc later, qing room revenues shortage, many porcelain mortgaged to the bank, finally by Banks for auction. In addition, NaWuFu also performed antique auction. Together with NaTing various theft happen that makes the official kiln of porcelain a large number of outflow.
Can say, in the early 20th century, before the westerners didn't even seen how many Chinese government kiln porcelain,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], western society of China ceramics all reputation in fact also are aimed at through trade of Chinese export porcelain. Until 1710 before Europe also make a really porcelain, only imports from China. Over the centuries, including Italy, Germany, France, England etc many western countries are large modelled after Chinese porcelain, and they are also the copied sample Chinese export porcelain.
High-grade export porcelain painters can compares official kiln
"Look at China's most important is to see its culture. Research porcelain to study it cultural connotation and cultural background. HuYanXi special mention, if from porcelain reflects the theme broad degrees, expressed by the culture connotation, reflect the rich information speaking,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], guanyao porcelain cannot be compared with export porcelain.
Although guanyao porcelain the exquisitecraft here are monuments, but display that subject matter content is very narrow. Only for the royal emperor guanyao characteristic, caused its limitations,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], raise in deep palace,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], basically not gaiden and makes it the world's influence extremely limited.
Qing dynasty of export porcelain influence is worldwide. These export porcelain contains tremendous amount of information, conveys the history of more than academic material guanyao. Through them, even to know that people at that time some life details.
From craft to see, the qing dynasty export porcelain there are some very fine high-grade porcelain. Currently the capital museum held by the qing dynasty export porcelain "exhibition in the qing yongzheng powder wariety lady mining mulberry figure dish" namely is one thing. HuYanXi thinks,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this dish very elegant, numerous drawing of seeing god both, the houses PeiJing shape stone fence all instruments, tree, "painters of fine eagled level than official kiln is not bad, completely is a very capable painter's a picture."
Foreign attach more importance to qing dynasty export porcelain
Ming and qing export porcelain has profound cultural connotation and high academic value that was once in the world has a tremendous impact of "hero", but until now have caused no domestic WenBoJie adequate attention to this, HuYanXi feel very sorry. He told the author, in foreign countries, many museum has a fine collection of all export porcelain in qing dynasty. Foreign demand for Chinese export porcelain value degree, research of general level than domestic wants tall. "After all, history, this was their royal, the aristocracy used."

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