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true religion jacket Mark - the sea hamel

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2010 12 November night, when guangzhou tower blossom out bright and colorful lighted a people's passion, mark - the sea hamel guangzhou tower also completed its "adult ceremony", perhaps 2010 more can be regarded as the "building the reign of an emperor" mark - because he in this year reaped the eyes of the world, but also are international trade media "design and architectural network" awarded "2010 most remarkable young designers" one.
600 meters tall guangzhou tower, built the first taller when is the building, even are subsequently burj dubai surpassing, it still is the first of free-standing tower height. But mark excitement but not high, but he in this dubbed "small pretty waist" construction of modern architecture on the dare.
From the Netherlands dream maker
"I come from Holland, but I feel the world." And mark on the top deck 450 meters, looking across the pearl river, he azure eyes tells a distant story.
Mark and the wife Barbara kuyt is university students,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they in the 1990s in Holland Cardiff's (Delft) and graduated from the Hong Kong polytechnic university. After graduation, they get the Dutch visual art and architecture design foundation of a scholarship started one year internship travel, footprint throughout Africa and Asia. Mark not only learn the Mali much older gong language, but also deeply into the ancient city of djenne in family, subsequently came to study folk Indonesia island and in southern India, aiushtha several buddhist city. "We spent six months in India, in a totally strange to you, completely unable with his past any experience compared, even differentiates hard quality and context,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you can go to open yourself to embrace, to adapt to everything."
Mark in different religion, color and culture between looking for inspiration, he began to believe, with a kind of call culture resonance of things. "You can be born in one place, your idea is not necessarily suit there. Western standpoint is this world there can be only one way. But, when you go out of this place, you will find that there are many different views of life,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sometimes in other places to find better
Resonance. "
1966 was born in Holland Emmen mark, the university architecture speciality after graduation is starting to look into the broader space and find dreams bliss. From 1995 to 2003, mark in London A foolish be nine years,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], of which he spent A year in A ArchitecturalAssociation architectural institute (A) completed his postgraduate course and obtain the master degree, next, participation teaching, research cooperation, he has been seeking A new kind of architectural language. And Barbara in AA study after, successively in "French design king" Philip stark and "architecture female legend" pierced ha · hadid's firm. In 1998, mark and Barbara in London established "letter base construction" firm (IBA) laid they dream of the road of a brick. Five years later,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they put the company moved to Amsterdam, mainly engaged in urban residential design and renovation. In this process, they also have been trying to bid for large projects. Of course, the opportunity not usually in night lamas. They kept the drawing paper, model, bidding, failure; Again the drawing paper, redo model to bid... At mark's opinion, this is all soldiers raided the LiBingMoMa before.
"Designers in such a process, he through in every project in thinking, repetition and corrections, slowly perfecting its own set of design ideas." In 2004, in a and AA China students on the seminar held, mark learned of guangzhou tower program are bidding information. Well-grounded thin hair, he and Barbara "China dream" to start.
"Barbara often say that I am a dream maker person but she is whether it is feasible to evaluate this dream." With ARUP international engineering company appreciaties guangzhou tower program, make mark couples mora. When mark in ARUP provide computer simulations program in the surrounding concrete-encased steel column spiral upward from the initial engineering requirement of 32 root reduced to 24 root,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his excitement is self-evident. In some perspective, this is a beyond any architectural theory "crazy" design. It in aesthetics and architectural mechanics achieves the perfect balance.
Building the "biological wisdom"
Mark's eyes, nature is the world's best designers, its evolution is characterized by works. Design a building too. Facing a $22 billion yuan of large project, mark said it was not design, but in broadcast a seed, he and all the people to participate in this project the cooperation process is a breeding process. Every absorb a minute wisdom, the plant will grow up a bit.
Mark early AA college and learn, shicheng several construction do honour, including architecture NvJie pierced ha · hadid. But read most was Richard dawkins's "selfish gene" and Kevin kelly's "control". His "biological wisdom" architectural theory and the consequent. Mark think, in recent decades of science shows that people should not ignore small things, but should pay attention to those looks independent of each other things relationship. The world has globalise, earth including humans any thing, is an organic whole. Should people out of modernism erroneous practice of, can't again instant gratification, JiaoTongYiJiao, this can damage the connections between them.
In fact, mark is a experienced tutors and educator. For many years, he has been in charge of AA, and since 2002, acted as the school environment and energy professional tutor, he advocated by nature of solid exercise construction project teaching method, has trained many successful student, 2003, mark's students receive the architectural design award, he himself also therefore won the British royal architectural institute issued by mentor award.
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