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Timberland Boots digital

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"We the grottoes and museum exhibition hall is different, small only twenty or thirty square metre, but every day there are large Numbers of tourists come over, visitors increase and the dunhuang grottoes protection is always a pair of contradiction," dunhuangnology digital library "is in as far as possible to solve the problem on the basis of the brewing." FanJinShi lecture in interview accepted after morning come straight to the point and recognizes the dunhuang cultural research institute investing hundreds of millions of yuan to build "digital dunhuang", the aim of FanJinShi said, digital dunhuang will go into operation in 2012. At the appointed time, tourists into the mogao grottoes, before the first visit to more than 10 kilometers apart with mogao grottoes "mogao grottoes tourist center" watching virtual mogao grottoes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then experience real mogao grottoes. Digital is not to make a "false dunhuang", but from a true dunhuang formation of complementary resources utilization.
Morning: the idea of "dunhuangnology digital library" when is the earliest brought out?
FanJinShi: "dunhuangnology digital library" scenario is in in the 1980s, primarily through modern technology to do the work, cultural relics archive files of cultural relics digital, afterwards just think of all the dunhuang grotto, frescoes and painted with digital technology stored, because the mogao grottoes in aging, a hundred years ago, people see the mogao grottoes and see now is not the same, the job also can saying is "race" with nature. At first we are not regarded as a great thing to do, since the year of 1998, visitors is more and more, people to the total have to let them look, but many caves is small, only visitors the carbon dioxide produced a will to cultural relics caused great destruction, so we want to find a both can satisfy the need of visitor watch caves,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and can reduce the caves in as little as possible the damage that way. In 2003, the national political consultative conference held the meeting, I presented a paper on the dunhuang mogao grottoes of protection and utilization facilities construction proposal,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the end of 2007,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the national development and reform commission official reply this project, located in protection zones, the whole project including relying on advanced digital technology creating "dunhuang mogao grottoes protection and utilization project" and sand, security, cliff body reinforcement and reconstruction three sub-project plank.
Morning: now progress?
FanJinShi: "dunhuangnology digital library" project is located about 15 kilometers away from the mogao grottoes, now already took more than 40 caves, is expected to complete in next year, put into operation in 2012, caves imaging roaming hall will be built for the ball tent curtain movie theaters, show the ball, the audience can watch the scene and high-definition caverns architecture, history and murals. Digital exhibition hall is completed, we will introduce the audience in the digital DianYingTing look first at the ball curtain mural, three-dimensional films caverns,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then go to see the copy murals and copy caverns, and finally to visit true grotto.
Morning: cultural charm lies in the field to watch, "dunhuangnology digital library" will weaken dunhuang charm?
FanJinShi: "dunhuangnology digital library" and real mogao grottoes each have taste, "dunhuangnology digital library" not let visitors see scanning picture, but look and real caves big ball screen, can even see not pure caverns dome on the screen click zooming, this in a real grotto is not possible. "Dunhuangnology digital library" construction purpose on one hand is to reduce the time duration of the tourists in caves, on the other hand, it can give audience provide more information, also let the audience feel more comprehensively mogao grottoes charm.
Morning: the year before held in Beijing bug and light - dunhuang art exhibitions "has caused a sensation, you will not put such exhibition to Shanghai?
FanJinShi: of course we have such interest, especially with the Shanghai museum of cooperation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the 2008 exhibition is mainly with the hosting of the Olympic Games, most exhibits also are reproductions, but the Shanghai museum as usually don't display copies of the cooperation with Shanghai museum, if the word may need more research and discussion.
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