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Between 1963 until now, from youthful days until the white-haired, FanJinShi in dunhuang has spent nearly half a century. On July 10, as the Shanghai museum, one of the key lectures in summer already seventy FanJinShi specialized in bo make a titled "silk road and dunhuang mogao grottoes" lecture, scheduled for more than an hour's lecture has been talking in French for two and a half hours, vigorous FanJinShi thereafter accepted the morning paper reporter interviews, said that in addition to study, their most important job is to protect the dunhuang cultural relics elegant brilliant, and among them, "dunhuangnology digital library" will be scattered tourists, alleviate tourism boom to cultural relics pressure the important means of this investment billions of dollars of cultural relics exhibition and protection project will go into operation in 2012.
Charming smile earlier than the Mona Lisa
"Vesteralen, big also; the bright, cheng also." FanJinShi lecture starts from the historical geography that dunhuang mogao grottoes and the important historical position to start.
It's been 1,600 years history of dunhuang grottoes, the most famous the mogao grottoes, though in a long long time by nature's aggression and man-made destruction, the mogao grottoes still retain have sixteen states, northern wey, XiWei, northern zhou, northern sui and tang and five dynasties, song, xixia, yuan etc various dynasties caves 490 multiple, mural 45,000 square meters and more than 2000 body like colorful world, it is the greatest existing buddhist art treasures. The mogao grottoes is ancient architecture, sculpture, mural induces palace of art, especially with colorful murals known to the world.
"A lot of mural sculpture I saw hundreds of times,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but every time into the cave, still can't help to see -- this is great artistic charm." In the first FanJinShi slum 259 shakyas meditation Buddha sculpture.our like,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], for example, this dating back more than a thousand years of the sculpture reflects the Buddha zen timing ZuoXiang: natural sits, the mouth cape contain to shallow smile. "My elder ChangShuHong sir old say it like Da Vinci's mono lisa smile, but I said this charming smile much earlier than the mono lisa smile."
FanJinShi for each grotto murals, as he sees them: mogao grottoes 45 grotto mural showcase by grand hyatt Buddha scene,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], one may find blow, four strings and play instruments such as dozens of, In the very same fresco, besides, it can also be found himself chucking figure of Buddha of nuwa, fuxi, Chinese ancient legend of the immortals and include ancient Greek and Roman, India and other religious material for the present.
The detail peep out historical value
In 1900, in the mogao grottoes 17 grotto north wall found hidden chamber sealing on build by laying bricks or stones from three full jin to lay aside in the northern song dynasty, focused, documents, ZhiXiu and picture more than 50,000 pieces. Documents except Chinese chestnut, hand-written outside, Qu wen, LuWen, HuiGu articles, the tubo wen, various ethnic Tibetan Sanskrit, text hand-written accounts for about six to one. Document content has Buddha, tao etc teach sect essays religious documents, literature, contract, account, the document letters etc secular documents.
FanJinShi expresses, in recent years in dunhuang mogao grottoes north of archaeological excavations also found large documents for the study of the song and yuan dynasties dunhuang appearance provided valuable material, more rare is, there's also Syria wen testament.
About the mogao grottoes's vast history value, FanJinShi again with mogao grottoes appears as an example, said the mogao grottoes portrait appears in the portrait, save large quantities, has a long history, rich content, and long by Chinese and foreign scholars from highly, more can bring out the academic value. If CaoYuanZhong made board carve is drawn "tremendous abhidharma samana heavenly king like" and "guanyin bodhisattva resemble" signature "... respectively to insurgent secretariat of special into calibration TaiFu qiao county CaoYuanZhong ", "disciple to insurgent section degrees melon sand in states such as observation disposal tube battalion cropland joab fell, 300g, into calibration TaiFu qiao county founding hou CaoYuanZhong, s[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]est that five highest when dunhuang governor also involved in the statue activities.
"For instance again a northern song dynasty years calligraphy of 'wine', head, tail bills are residual, do save, including 49 some sand state envoys to remember how much alcohol they drank, YuTian people drink how much wine... this wine is not only the historical accounts, also be the ancient calligraphy objects remains very important brightly 'resurrection' the northern song dynasty years in dunhuang details of life." FanJinShi said, dunhuang many ordinary cultural relics to our country ancient times literature addenda and collating very important research value.
Dunhuang studies center is in China
"Mr. ChenYinKe once speak, the era of the academic, there will be a new materials and the new question. Access this material, integating research for problems, then, for this time of the new trend of academic dunhuang scholars, the world today... the new tide also academic. Spontaneous see,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], more than 20 years since, from the Japanese, west end method, the states of the economist reserch each with respect to its scope,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], successively salty contribute." About FanJinShi dunhuang studies, say, 1900, the 100th anniversary of the cultural relics found, the countries have started to study dunhuang documents unearthed, created "dunhuang studies", becomes the 20th century academic the new trend in the world.
"It was with a view dunhuang studies abroad, even research in the liberation, the Chinese dunhuang studies research also is very solid." FanJinShi thinks, the liberation, Peking University institute of traditional sinology founded the door, qinghua institute traditional sinology door, central research institutions such as YuanShi language have sent scholar European survey, transcribing spoiled the dunhuang documents and begin the sorting, researching dunhuang documents and the inspection dunhuang grottoes, followed by Chinese scholars in the political, social,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], language arts, dunhuang grottoes content investigation, art indistinguiahable from areas such as a lot of research achievements. "But in the 'cultural revolution" period, dunhuang studies and Chinese academic as stagnant, etc ChangShuHong signior were encountered tyrannised, such as I was round the fortunately, because the mogao grottoes, far away from the cultural relics are not much destruction."
FanJinShi think China dunhuang studies the real development was after the reform and opening-up policy, "this 30 years achivements talents also many, many universities have dunhuang studies research course and published a large number of literature." She says, after more than 20 years of effort, China dunhuang scholars in dunhuang history, language, literature, religion, archaeological, art, technology and so on many domains are obtained achievement, China has become the important bases and international dunhuang studies center. But recent years, Japanese and the European and American countries such as though a dunhuang studies research
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